The SERDC Home and Community Care Program (HCCP) aims to provide comprehensive home and community care services that respect traditional, holistic and contemporary approaches to healing and wellness. These services aim to assist SERDC community members who have chronic and acute illnesses in receiving the care they need in their home or community. Care provided in a familiar setting allows our community members to be close to their loved ones as long as possible and to keep their independence.

Home and community care may include nursing care, personal care such as bathing and foot care, home support such as meal preparation, and in-home respite care, that is, caring for someone while family members have a rest. The SERDC Tribal Home and Community Care Coordinator (THCCC) coordinates, develops, trains and delivers home care support and consultation to Home Care nurses, support staff, health directors, and other front line staff in First Nation communities. Services includes advising through ongoing community visits, audits, assessments, trainings and evaluations.



Tynesa Wells, Home and Community Care Coordinator

Norisa Rumbaoa, Home and Community Care Nurse 

Courtney Richard, Home and Community Care Nurse

Sheri Childs, Home and Community Care Nurse