Addictions Services

SERDC’s Addictions Services provides community addictions support through two programs: the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP) and the Success Through Advocacy and Role-Modeling (STAR) Program. Under the NNADAP Program, the Addictions Services Clinical Supervisor provides support to the SERDC member First Nation Community Addictions Specialist (NNADAP) workers in a number of capacities. This includes ensuring on-the-job orientation to new workers who support and provide culturally appropriate programs to the community to:

  1. Reduce substance abuse,
  2. Increase awareness around substance use and problem gambling,
  3. Promote alternative healthier lifestyles (through traditional values, individual and family wellness values), and
  4. Support individuals and families post-treatment

Moreover, the Clinical Supervisor provides a clinical supervisory role to SERDC community-based NNADAP workers. This includes providing information to Community Addictions Specialist workers on appropriate assessment of clients and referral of clients to treatment and on how to prepare clients for entry into residential treatment or other rehabilitation/treatment programs. As part of this clinical supervisory role, the Clinical Supervisor also conducts regular case reviews in partnership with Community Addictions Specialist workers, where case files are audited and recommendations are made to ensure effective screening, assessments, referrals, and client aftercare in community-based programs.

The Addictions Services Clinical Supervisor also participates in program and community-based staff development through a number of activities. This includes assisting communities with annual worker evaluations, assisting in annual program work plan development, seeking opportunities for staff development, certification and training, and participating in regional and national initiatives for the purpose of fulfilling the “Honoring our Strengths” NNADAP Renewal process. The Addictions Specialist also carries out regional mental wellness promotion initiatives, including delivering National Addiction Awareness Week activities and information workshops to various community target groups (students, youth, women, parents, community as a whole). The Addictions Specialist also provides direct service delivery to some clients when community worker is unable to.

Under the STAR Program, the SERDC  Clinical Supervisor co-facilitates a monthly case review of STAR clients from our eight SERDC member First Nations, using reflective and motivational supervision techniques. Moreover, under the STAR Program, the Clinical Supervisor respond to worker/client crisis as required, provides clinical supervision of the STAR Manager, and conducts a weekly review of client case notes.

Clinical Supervisor-Addictions Services
Tel: 204.956.3280