SERDC Emergency Response is currently working on completing and updating Emergency Response Plans for each community. Once the plans are final, training will begin in each community on how to use the plans, as well as tabletop emergency response exercises designed for each of our unique communities. Together we will become better prepared to handle emergencies such as wildfires, and flooding. In the event of an emergency in a community, the SERDC Emergency Response Coordinator can be dispatched to assist in anyway necessary.

We have taken the lessons learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic and put them into a new Pandemic Response Plan that will become part of the Emergency Response Plans.

Emergency Medical Responder Training began in March 2023. Students are currently in a 300-hour course instructed by CritiCare EMS at our Wellness Lodge. Once completed the students will be certified EMR’s to provide life saving emergency medical services in the field. We are hopeful that this program will catch on and another course will be started in the fall. For more information on the EMR program, please contact us.

SERDC is also working funding for the “Voyent Alert” system, which is an emergency alert system that can be used for easier communication with community members during crisis events. The system can also be used in community for non-emergency alerts such as school closures, community events, etc.



David Schellenberg, Tribal Emergency Response Coordinator