SERDC Emergency Response is currently working toward detailed plans for fire evacuation, flood disaster relief and updated pandemic plans.

In addition, we have received donations from two different local fire departments from the rural Interlake region. Donations of several pairs of turnout gear (pant & jacket), fire masks and oxygen tanks have been donated to SERDC communities. SERDC is also working with Canadian Red Cross on a Federal grant for “household emergency kits” and a “Voyent Alert” system, which is an emergency amber alert program-geared toward easier communication, during crisis events.

We are also working toward an emergency vehicle program for each SERDC community. Specialty vehicles developed through Move Mobility, will have the capability to maneuver seating and stretcher service / wheelchair access. Training is currently being set up through “Criti-Care EMS” Paramedic Academy, which will consist of a 10-week online course. SERDC will soon begin the selection process for candidates interested in the paramedic type industry.


David Schellenberg, Tribal Emergency Response Coordinator