Success Through Advocacy and Mentoring (STAR)
FASD Prevention Program

The Success Through Advocacy and Role Modelling (STAR) Program offers support to pre & post-natal women (up to 1 year after birth) to support healthy pregnancies and lifestyles. This  is a client-centered program that links participants with a mentor who assists them in identifying and achieving goals related to wellness. Mentors offer non-judgemental 3 year mentoring, advocacy, and emotional support to women who are not otherwise effectively engaged with community resources. Mentors are women from the community who have overcome similar issues that STAR clients are confronted with cultural safety of language, family ties, and cultural and spiritual acceptance are focal points of the program, which also aims to ensure clients are linked to appropriate services including assessments, referrals, follow-up, and other services are accessible despite the geographic barriers that SERDC communities face.

Clients are supported to set their own goals, with encouragement given to develop a trusting relationship with available resources.

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